Water Softener - Checking Salt Storage Level / Adding Salt

Salt Storage

  • Lift the salt hole cover to check and/or add salt.¬† Check the salt storage level a few weeks after you install the softener and once a week after that until you have established a refilling routine. Refill it when the brine tank is 1/4 to 1/2 full and never allow it to run out of salt.
  • Use clean water softener salts only, at least 99.5% pure such as Cargil Diamond Crystal softener salt, and nugget, pellet, or solar water softening salt. You can find this salt at most hardware stores, home improvement centers, or some grocery stores in 40 to 80 pound bags. Do not use rock, block or granulated ice cream making salt because they contain dirt and sediments that will cause maintenance problems in the softener.

Water Softener "Salt Bridge"

  1. Salt tanks for water softeners can develop over time what is commonly called a "salt bridge". Looking into the salt tank, it may appear that it is 1/2 or more full of salt but it could be a layer of salt fused together to form a bridge; underneath is a mixture of salt water and empty space.
  2. To check for a salt bridge:
    1. Simply take a broom handle and stand on floor on the outside of the tank.
    2. Mark the handle about 2 inches below top.
    3. Stick the handle down into the salt and work it down through the salt pellets as far as it will go. The salt should be loose at bottom. Mark the level.
    4. If the mark on the handle is 4 inches above the tank, a salt bridge exists.
  3. To free a salt bridge, work the broom handle up and down until the salt is loose and mark on the handle lines up with top of tank. Do not bang on the sides of the brine tank because this may crack the tank.
  4. If the salt bridge is difficult to break up, pour 1 gallon of warm (not hot) water into the tank to help dissolve the bridge.

See the Owner's Manual for additional information. Download a copy of your Owner's Manual.