Electric Range & Cooktop - Bridge Burner Cookware

Some electric, smooth glass radiant cooktops and ranges have a Bridge Burner feature: Electric Range & Cooktop - Bridge Burner.


All cookware (including griddles) used with the Bridge Burner feature should have a flat bottom and be recommended by the cookware manufacturer for use on radiant smooth glass cooking surfaces. You can find compatible griddles and other compatible cookware for use on a Bridge Burner at department stores, kitchen and gourmet shops or online. We cannot provide brand names for Bridge Burner cookware that will work on your electric range or cooktop.


The Bridge Burner will accept a griddle size of 18" X 10" or smaller. This size of griddle will fit properly on the 17" X 8" surface created by the Bridge Burner. If a larger griddle is used it will overlap onto the trim, causing the griddle to sit unevenly.