Refrigerators - Preventing Freeze-Up of Water Storage Tank

If you're finding that you cannot dispense water from the water dispenser on your refrigerator, it may be that the water reservoir (storage) tank or tubing is frozen. The tank that holds the water for the exterior dispenser is typically located in the fresh food section of the refrigerator, at the bottom, behind the drawers (meat, vegetable, etc).

Preventing Freezing

  • Some drawers have an adjustable temperature control. Setting an adjustable temperature control to its coldest setting with less than half of the drawer filled may cause your water tank to freeze. If there is not enough food in the drawer to absorb the cold, cold air will be transferred to the water tank, causing the tank and/or tubes to freeze. Set your drawer on the coldest setting only if the drawer is completely full of food. For normal food load, set the pan on the middle setting. If it is empty, set it on the warmest setting. This will prevent your water tank or tubes from freezing.
  • A low food load in the refrigerator can occasionally cause the tank to freeze. Cold air is heavy and will settle at the bottom of the compartment, and if there is not enough food to absorb the cold air, it can cause the water in the tank to freeze.