Heat Time Comparison of Surface Burner Units

The following is a heat time comparison of some of the types of burners and elements:

  • A great portion of heating speed and performance depends on the cookware being used. The cookware used for the results below was Magnalite aluminum cookware. The induction units were tested using a three quart Nordic brand pan. Other brands of cookware may have a faster response.
  • Even though the induction test results have longer times than the Calrod®, induction units have other benefits: Easier to clean , have a quick cooking response, and are fast to cool down. These benefits greatly out weigh this minimal time difference.
  • Since the 6" units are smaller in surface area, the times are longer than the 8" for the same amount of water. All surface units, except the induction, take approximately two to three times as long to cool down as to heat up.
  • Solid disk units (NLA) are a little slower to heat up because of the larger metal mass of the element and much slower to cool down, taking four times as long to cool off as a standard Calrod® unit.

Efficiency rating: Heat 4 cups of water from 70 to 200 degrees: (Boiling is 212 degrees, bubbles will not appear until this temperature is reached.) Current rating at 240V=7.5 KW These times are NOT to reach a boil.

Induction large unit (1993)4 min. 30 sec.
8" Calrod®4 min. 11 sec.
8" Solid Disk5 min. 34 sec.
8" Halogen5 min. 42 sec.
8" Radiant and 8" Ribbon/Radiant5 min. 45 sec.
9/6" (3000 Watts) Radiant12 min. NOTE: This is for 6 liters (appx. 25 cups) of water
Gas (9000 BTU)6 min. 56 sec. (Gas can take up to 11 minutes to boil.)
Induction small unit (1993)5 min. 24 sec.
6" Calrod®5 min. 42 sec.
6" Solid Disk7 min. 12 sec.
6" Halogen7 min. 9 sec.
6" Radiant Heat and 6" Ribbon/Radiant7 min. 12 sec.