Refrigerator - Icemaker Not Dispensing Due To Clumping Ice

If the dispenser on your refrigerator is not dispensing ice, this could be due to clumping ice cubes. If this is the case, the ice cubes in your icemaker may be clumping for a couple of reasons:


Low Food Load:

The defrost cycle radiates some heat into the freezer. The ice in the freezer will naturally absorb the heat. This will cause the ice to melt slightly during the defrost cycle and may cause the ice to freeze together in clumps. Increasing the food load in the freezer will buffer the warmth from the defrost cycle and keep the ice from melting. Make sure the freezer is at least 3/4 full of food.


Lack Of Use:

When the ice bin is full, the pressure from the weight of the cubes can cause the bottom cubes to fuse and clump. To prevent this from happening, discard the clumped ice and check the bin periodically to ensure the ice is not building up. If you do not use a large amount of ice, you may turn off the icemaker and stop ice production to prevent this as well.