Range and Oven Electronic Control Fan

All built-in electric ovens and most range products have an electronic control panel for the oven operation. Because of this, they will have a blower built into the appliance to keep the controls cool during bake, broil and self-clean.

  • When the area around the clock gets too warm the blower will automatically come on to cool the components. Range models will automatically activate the blower and stop the blower.

  • When using the surface units for an extended period of time, the area around the clock may become too warm and the blower may come on.

  • On some models, the fan comes on as soon as the cycle starts.

  • On wall oven models JTP10G and JTP11G , the blower runs during all cooking functions and also runs during the TIME BAKE setup. It will even run during the off time prior to the TIME BAKE starting.


For information about your range or oven's operation, consult your Owner's Manual.