Arctica Refrigerator

The Arctica™ line was available on the GE Profile™ Series of SxS and Top-Mount refrigeration products in 2001:

Featured included:

  • Custom Cool™ Technology
  • Climate Keeper™ System
  • Frostguard™ Technology
  • Turbo Cool™ setting
  • Contoured Doors
  • Quick Ice™ setting
  • Integrated Shelves
  • Tilt Out Freezer Bins

2001 Refrigeration Differences

With the introduction of a new refrigeration platform in 2001, there were be many changes in features, benefits, and even the sounds each unit will make. Below is a highlight of some of those changes.

All models met the 2001 energy guidelines and some meet the 2003 energy guidelines which meant they would operate using 30% less energy than the Department of Energy standard in 1993. GE 2001 refrigeration also met the 2003 standard for the elimination of CFC's in foam insulation.

Arctica (Profile) differences from previous models:

  • Icemaker auger rotates clockwise, and is plastic (would not rust).
  • Taller dispenser could handle up to 8" tall glasses and mugs.
  • Evaporator (freezer) fan would run without compressor/condenser fan running.
  • Fresh food fan also ran independent of compressor.
  • 3-fans instead of 2. One in the freezer (evaporator), one in the fresh food compartment, and one condenser/compressor fan.
  • When either door was opened, the freezer and fresh food fans shut off. If the door is left open 3-minutes, the fan would come back on.
  • No air flow to the fresh food compartment when the evaporator fan (freezer fan) was on. Evaporator (freezer) fan, and the condenser/compressor fan could run up to 8-hours continuously.
  • The evaporator (freezer) fan and the fresh food fan operated on 2-speeds which creates a different sound (both very quiet).
  • In Quick Ice mode, the evaporator (freezer) fan would run for 48 hours nonstop circulating cold air.
  • FreshSaver Filter - located in the fresh food produce drawer (lasts one year).
  • Liner protection mode - Fresh food and freezer fan came on when the doors were opened for 3-minutes to protect the plastic from the heat coming off the lights.
  • Adaptive defrost - Determined the need to defrost based on both door openings and compressor run time.
  • Electronic controls, touch pads.
  • With the use of the fans, the fresh food and freezer sections operated independently.
  • Electronic icemaker with on/off switch and power on light.
  • Water filter change indicator on dispenser control panel.
  • "Never Clean" Jelly roll condenser.
  • Contour Door on all models except CustomStyle that required panels.


GE Side by Side - What is different from Arctica:

  •  GE had rotary control knobs
  •  GE had 2-fans, one in the freezer (evaporator) and a condenser fan.
  •  No Fresh Saver filter.