Compactor Trash Bags

Your compactor can compact most trash, including paper, cans, glass jars and bottles, plastic containers, wrappings, sweepings, and some food waste. You must use the reinforced, heavy duty compactor bags that are specifically designed for compactor use. These bags line the compactor trash drawer.

Compactor bags come with your compactor. To order additional compactor bags online:

  • 15" Compactors: WC60X10005 (Set of 15 bags)
  • 12" Compactprs: WC60X5015 (Set of 12)
  • Universal Compactor bags: WX60X1 (Set of 15). Fits both round and rectangular buckets.
  • Universal Compactor bags: WX60X75 (Set of 75). Fits both round and rectangular buckets
  • Square Bags (GCG1200, GCG1230, GCG1520, GCG1530, GCG1550): WC60X5017