Range Warming Drawer - Automatic Shut-Off/Sabbath Mode

On Ranges that have a Warming Drawer:


Sabbath Mode feature:

The Sabbath Mode feature does work with the warming drawer. You do not have to set up a separate Sabbath Mode for the Warming Drawer.


Automatic Shut-Off feature:

The Warming Drawer can be left on indefinitely using the Special Feature (SF) options.

  • The warming drawer uses the same Special Features (SF) setting as the automatic oven bake element shutoff. If the 12-hour shut-off is enabled (which is the default setting), then the warming drawer will shut off after 12 hours of being turned on. If you turn off the 12-hour shut-off using the Special Features (SF) setting, the warming drawer and the oven bake element (if engaged) will not automatically shut off.

  • For model specific information, consult the Owner's Manual. Download a copy of the Owner’s Manual


The initial production of ranges with a warming drawer did have a 3-hour automatic shut-off. Starting with production in January 2004, the 3-hour automatic shut-off was removed. Any serial number for a range with a warming drawer that starts with the letters "AG" or later (A = January; G = 2004) would be a model that does NOT have the 3-hour shut-off on the warming drawer.


NOTE: This information does NOT apply to Built-In Warming Drawers (not a part of a range). These models do NOT have an automatic shut-off feature.