Appliances - Hard-Wired

Major Appliances that are hard-wired into the house.

Hard-wired means the electrical cable comes furnished with the product and is physically connected or wired into the household wiring. There is NO plug to plug in.

All built-in products (including built-in ovens and drop-ins) have conduit with the electrical leads attached to the range. The leads can then be connected right into the household wiring.

Cooking Products:

  • Ranges that come hard-wired are: any "electric" range product that is defined as a built-in product. Built-in products are any size single and double wall ovens, all types of cooktops, hoods and drop-in ranges. The cable/cord supplied with these products cannot be cut off or the installer is unable to add additional wire to the existing cable.
  • Non-built-in cooking products are freestanding ranges, the older version hi/lo ranges, and slide in ranges. Non-built-in cooking products do NOT come with a cord.

 Dishwashers & Disposers:

  • All dishwashers built under the counter or the sink are designed for hard-wiring.
  • Disposers are all hard-wired.

All other appliances will use cords with plugs.