Dehumidifier Drain Plug - APEL70 / APEH70 Model

The APEL70 and APEH70 dehumidifier has a internal drain pump that can be activated to drain the bucket. To prevent water from being accidentally pumped onto the floor if the hose is not connected, there is a plug on the dehumidifier at the drain hose connection.

Instructions for removing the plug are on a sticker on the back of the dehumidifier.  The plug itself should have a zip-tie on it to help with easier removal, but can be removed even without the zip-tie.

To remove the drain plug:

  1. There is a grey ring around the plug. Push in on this grey ring, which releases the plug.
  2. While pushing in on the grey ring, pull out the plug. You may have to pull somewhat harder than expected to pull it out. It is important that you are pushing in on the grey ring while pulling the plug to avoid damage.
Although the dehumidifier can be used without the plug, we recommend reinserting the plug when the hose is not connected.