Dishwasher Clean Sensor

Dishwasher Clean Sensor:

(Note: current models have a similar sensor; however they are not called "CleanSensor" or "XtraClean Sensor")Extra Clean (Profile) and XtraClean (GE) Sensor

  • The ExtraClean™ found on Profile models and XtraClean™ found on GE models are the same feature named only to differentiate Profile from GE. When you see a model that lists ExtraClean you will know the model is Profile. When you see a model that lists XtraClean you will know the model is GE.
  • Use only as much water as needed with the new state of the art sensor using laser technology that controls the wash selections by sensing water turbidity and measuring water temperature 100% of the time. It then adjusts the wash time, water temperature, water amount and number of fills for efficient effective wash performance. The sensor will indicate if the water is still soiled and will call for more water to be added or extra cycles as needed.
  • The Extra Clean sensor is located in the water containment area below the filter. Prior to 2001 the sensor was in a glass tube.

CleanSensor and CleanSensor II

  • Clean Sensor and Clean Sensor II function the same, with the same results. CleanSensor II is found on models without an upper spray arm.
  • The clean sensor sends a beam of light through the wash water, measures the clarity of that water and determines the amount water, temperature & time needed to clean the dish load.
  • The clean sensor is made up of:
    • Red "LED" light that shines a tiny beam of light through the water sample.
    • A clear quartz tube that contains the water the light is shining through.
    • An electronic sensor reads the amount of light coming through the tube and determines the clarity of the water.
  • Based on the amount of soil in the water the dishwasher determines the amount of fills and wash time needed. Simply choose a "load selection":
    • Normal - offers 4 to 6 fills and anywhere from 36 to 73 minutes of cycle time.
    • Pots & Pans - offers 5 to 8 fills & anywhere from 43 to 77 minutes cycle time.
    • China/crystal - offers 4 to 5 fills & anywhere from 29 to 57 mins cycle time. (Plus on the china/crystal load selection, air is mixed with the water to supply a softer wash for the delicate china/crystal pieces).

Q: How do I know if the sensor is working?A:  during the first 5 minutes of the cycle, the display will show "auto", the specific cycle selected (ie: "normal") and "sensing soil level". as long as the "sensing soil level" shows on display anytime during the first 5 minutes of the cycle, consumer can be sure the sensor is working.Q: How many times does the sensor sense during a cycle?A: The sensor senses 3 variables: * soil level, * temperature, * water level. so, since the sensor is sensing 3 variables, there is no set number to the amount of times it will sense. It continually senses these variables throughout the cycle as needed.Q: How do I know this sensor is not going to fail?A: Life expectancy of this sensor is rated at 20+ years. If the sensor should fail the control will revert to a 2900 series electronic dishwasher and display the time of cycle as soon as you select it.Q: How do I know the temperature sensor function is working on the sensor?A: "C7" code will show up in the window if the temperature sensor fails.