Range - Oven Capacity Measurement

We use two types of capacity measurements:Gross/Total Oven Capacity:

  • This will include usable capacity plus the area under the bottom rack, above the bottom of the broil element, window recess, area around the convection fan, area from edge of rack support to the side wall oven the oven.
  • Unlike other appliances that use a balloon to measure cubic volume, oven capacity is measured using a tape measure.
Note: Our specs will always be "total / gross" capacity unless otherwise noted.

Usable Oven Capacity:

  • A) Height -measured from the top of an oven rack, when placed in the lowest embossed rack position, to the lowest point in the top of the oven. This is usually the bottom of the bracket that supports the broil element or the bottom of the broil burner on a gas range.
  • B) Width - measured from the narrowest point of an oven rack on its support. This is the inner edges of the embossed oven rack support which is narrower than the oven rack itself.
  • C) Depth - measured from the inner most surface of the oven door, when closed, to the inner most point on the rear oven wall. On convection ovens this is the fan cover. A x B x C will give the number of cubic inches of usable capacity. Divide this number by 1728 (12'' x 12" x 12" = 1728 cu in or 1 cu ft) to convert to cubic feet of usable oven capacity.

Note: Current model oven capacity is listed in the individual features text.