Dishwasher Maximum Inlet Water Temperature

GE and Hotpoint porcelain and plastic tub models:Not designed to handle incoming water hotter than 150 degrees. Water hotter than 150 degrees can cause rubber components to disintegrate. It can also warp the walls of the plastic tub models and possibly damage the water valve.

Note: Black grease spots result when water hotter than 150 degrees causes the rubber boots under the tub and the rubber corner gaskets to disintegrate.

Stainless Steel Interior Models:Maximum water temperature is 180F. It is not recommended to set the water temperature above 150F because of the possibility of damage to dishes and other objects being placed in the dishwasher.

Sanitizing Water Temperatures:The Anti Bacteria cycle raises the temperature to 160 degrees momentarily at the end of the cycle. This will not be long enough to harm the dishwasher but is long enough to meet NFS certification. Monogram ZDB5700/5900 Models have NSF approval for Sanitizing dishes. The maximum temperature reached is 171 degrees F. This meets NSF requirements for sanitizing dishes. Do not confuse Sanitize with Sterilizing, they are different. Sterilizing requires temps 180 degrees F.