Wall Oven or Range Stuck on Demo Mode

Electric wall ovens and ranges (includes dual fuel) run on 240V, but are designed to go into Demo Mode when hooked up to 120v service. Dealers use a Demo Cord Kit to hook up units to a 120v outlet, which allows them to demonstrate the electronic controls and lights. It will go out of Demo Mode when wired to 240v service. There are not settings on the control panel to change.

If the unit is stuck in Demo Mode, the unit may only be getting partial power, which could trigger the internal demo mode programming.

  1. Try turning off power to the unit at the circuit breaker for 30 seconds. Many units are on a double breaker in the breaker box, so be sure to turn both breakers off and back on.
  2. If this doesn't help, check the power connection to make sure the junction box (wall oven) or power cord (range) was wired properly. 
Staying in Demo Mode can be the installation (if newly installed), the electrical service, or a service issue with the appliance. If you have ruled out an electrical or installation issue, service will be needed. For service, please schedule an appointment with GE Appliances Factory Service.