Single and Dual Action Washer Agitators

Starting in 1995, top-load washers with an agitator use single or dual action agitators. These agitators are made of polypropylene plastic.

Single Action (also known as Heavy-duty): Flexcare agitator. Water is circulated in the tub through the action of the agitator

Dual Action: Gentlepower agitator. Provides better circulation and turnover of clothes than the flexcare agitator. The top half operates independent of the bottom half to help drive the clothes down into the water. The top 1/2 of the agitator rides on lubricated nylon bearings. The agitator movement is approximately 360 degrees. The dual action agitator top portion (auger) only rotates in one direction as it locks to the agitator in one direction and rotates freely in the other. This auger action moves clothes downward in the center towards the agitator base where mechanical cleaning action takes place. The bottom agitator portion moves in both directions.