Washer - Inlet Fill Hoses

Starting August 2010, fill hoses are no longer included with GE Appliance washers. Contract, Unitized, and Compact models are the exceptions and have fill hoses that are included. See Installation Instructions for details on current models. Download a copy of the Installation Instructions.



  • On top-load, front-load, compact, and unitized washers: Hoses attach to the back of the washer in the backsplash area. Facing the rear, the hot hooks up on the right and the cold on the left. The letters "H" and "C" are embossed in the metal above each port.
  • On older washers (pre-1994): The cold water fill hose goes on the top and the hot on the bottom as you are facing the rear of the machine.
  • On Portable units: The inlet connections are side-by-side Hot (left) and Cold (right). Hoses are normally 54" long on stationary/portable washers.


View video on connecting water fill hoses:


About Fill Hoses:

  • Fill hoses are 4' long (older "T" and "V" models were 42" long).
  • Longer hoses (8 ft. in length) can be purchased online through GE Appliance Parts or a hardware store.
  • The standard 4' hoses are WH41X10207.
  • Stainless Steel 4' hoses are WX14X10005. For more information, including installation: Washer - Stainless Steel Inlet Fill Hoses
  • The part # for 6' hoses is WX14X10011.
  • The part # for 8' hoses is WH41X185.
  • Hoses are normally 54" long on stationary/portable washers.
  • Hose connections are 3/4" (standard size).
  • We recommend replacing them every 5 years.




  • Check valves are not recommended. They could restrict water flow and prevent the washer from operating per designed intent. Provided the washer is installed compliant with the installation instructions, there should be no reason for needing check valves.