Microwave - Stage Cooking

Stage Cooking is a program that allows multi-function cooking in a microwave in many microwaves. Many of the functions on electronic control microwaves can be input in sequence and the control will follow these instructions in the proper order.

3-Stage example:

  1. Defrost
  2. Time Cook I
  3. Time Cook II

Or any other sequence of 3 functions offered on the specific model.

4-Stage example:

  1. Delay start (using the Min/Sec Timer)
  2. Defrost
  3. Time Cook I
  4. Time Cook II

Or any other sequence of 4 functions offered on the specific model in question.

5-Stage example:

  1. Auto Start
  2. Defrost
  3. Min/Sec Timer (for stand time)
  4. Time Cook I
  5. Time Cook II

The microwave will follow through with these 5 "stages", one right after the other. Models vary in capability from 2 - 5 stages that can be accepted at one time.

 NOTE: When the Min/Sec Timer is programmed with any other function, the light and fan will operate during the Min/Sec time span as well as the other stages.