Refrigerator - Condensation in Fresh Food Compartment

If the doors are opened frequently, left open or even left slightly ajar, it would not be unusual to see some moisture or condensation on the shelves, packages or walls inside a refrigerator.


Please try the following to resolve this problem:

  • Remove any moisture with a dry towel.

  • Turn the temperature control to a cooler setting. Refer to your Owner's Manual for information on adjusting the temperature in your refrigerator.

  • Make sure the doors close and seal properly.

  • Check the door gasket. If the gasket has cuts, tears or rips it needs to be replaced. View the following video to see how to adjust your door gasket:



  • Check the door alignment. If the doors are uneven, refer to your Installation Instructions for any information on door adjustment.

  • Make sure the refrigerator is leveled properly. The doors should close on their own. Refer to your Installation Instructions for information about leveling the refrigerator. View the following video that shows how to level your refrigerator:



See also: Refrigerator - Interior Moisture


If moisture continues to form after doing all of these things, please schedule a service appointment with GE Appliances Factory Service.