Refrigerator - Climate Zone Drawer

The Climate Zone drawer is a full width drawer (bin) that provides a different humidity level than the rest of the refrigerator. This is good for fruits or vegetables that do better with more humidity. The drawer is divided into two sections so you can organize your fruits and vegetables separately.

  • If the drawer says "Climate Zone" it is not a temperature controlled drawer.
  • If the drawer says "Climate Controlled" is allows for a higher or lower humidity level.
  • If the drawer says "Temp Select Zone" it allows you to set the drawer for the ideal temperature for "Meat" (32F), "Beverage" (34F), or "Deli" (38F).

To remove Climate Zone drawer:

  1. Pull the drawer out to the stop position.
  2. Lift the front of the drawer up and out.

To reinstall Climate Zone drawer:

  1. Pull left and right slides until fully extended.
  2. Place drawer back in first and rotate drawer front down to seat on slide.
  3. Push the drawer in to closed position.

Consult your Owner's Manual for additional removal/reinstalling tips.