Refrigerator - Keurig® Brewing System Clogged Pins

On refrigerators with the Keurig® K-Cup Brewing System, the brewer's upper and lower piercing pin can become clogged.


If the pins become clogged:

  • The brewer may not work or you will see less product brewed than expected.

  • Water may drip or leak from the bottom of the fresh food door. This is due to pressure causing a relief valve to divert hot water inside the door and out the bottom.

  • Grounds may be visible in or around the pins.

  • Clear water may leak at the top of the brewer. (Upper pin clogged)

  • The lid seal may leak or the pod may rupture, spilling product into the dispenser recess area. (Lower pin clogged)

  • Coffee grounds may dispense into the coffee cup due to the filter inside the pod tearing, which can clog the pin.

  • Important: If any interrupted or abnormal dispenses are experienced, please use the hot water feature and dispense 10 oz. of water, at any temperature, to purge the system.


"Everyday" Cleaning:

  • The K-Cup brewer is dishwasher safe and can be placed in the upper rack of your dishwasher whenever you need a quick cleaning.

    • To clean it, open the lid and place the K-Cup brewer in the top rack of your dishwasher and run in a normal wash cycle.

    • To maximize the performance of your brewer, we recommend that you rinse it thoroughly after dishwashing to remove all soap residue.

  • Periodic cleaning of the dispenser recess area is also recommended, as staining may occur with usage of the K-Cup brewer.


Deep Cleaning - Clean the upper piercing pin:

  1. With the brewer closed, insert a straightened paper clip into the small hole at the top of the brewer and straight down into the pin. Move the paper clip up and down in the pin a few times, then remove.

  2. Open the brewer lid and find the holes in the pin. Use the paper clip to push grounds or other material out of the outlet holes of the pin.

  3. Rinse by running water into the top of the brewer and out the pin.

  4. Rinse the tip of the pin directly in a stream of water.

  5. Before replacing the brewer, dispense 10 oz. of hot water to purge excess water in the hot water system.


Deep Cleaning - Clean the lower piercing pin:

  1. Insert a straightened paper clip into the inlet slot on the side of the lower pin. The slot is on the same side of the pin as the point on top.

  2. Remove the paper clip and rinse the pin directly under a stream of running water.

  3. Before replacing the brewer, dispense 10 oz. of hot water to purge excess water in the hot water system.


How to clean your refrigerator's Keurig K-Cup brewer: