Refrigerator - Keurig® K-Cup Brewing System Sounds

Refrigerators with the Keurig® K-Cup Brewing System can make various noises and sounds related to the Keurig and Hot Water system:


Nozzle Lowering:

All hot water is dispensed from the stainless steel dispense tube located under the right side of the control panel. The hot water is not dispensed from the center of the recess like models without the Keurig Brewing System. The dispenser nozzle (tube) on these models will lower when the unit is about to dispense hot water. This can make a buzzing noise.


Popping / Snapping When Putting a K-Cup Pod in the Brewer:

This is the sound made when the upper and/or lower piercing pin pierces the pod.


Popping Sound During Brewing:

Sometimes the foil seal on the K-Cup can separate from the plastic pod during brewing. If this happens, you may hear a pop sound during brewing and then coffee grounds and liquid will flow from the pod into the recess area.

  • This can be caused by a defective or non-Keurig approved K-Cup. Always inspect the K-Cup seal before brewing.

  • The K-cup pod could also burst due to overpressure from a clogged lower piercing pin. There will be liquid and ground coffee in the recess area if the lower piercing pin is clogged.