Countertop Microwave - Built-In Trim Kits

There are a variety of countertop microwaves available; however, only select models can be installed in a cabinet for a built-in look. To convert a countertop microwave for use in a built-in application, there must be an optional built-in trim kit available for use with the specific model. There are built-in trim kits for use in a 27" or 30" wide cabinet installation.


Why use a Trim Kit?

Microwave trim kits are designed to provide a built-in look while also providing the air flow necessary for proper operation of the microwave. A trim kit consists of the trim frame as well as an upper, lower and rear duct that attaches to and encases the microwave inside the cabinet cut-out. It is important to only use the trim kit designed for the specific microwave model so that the trim kit fits the microwave and provides the proper air flow that it needs.


What Trim Kit Do I Need?

A built-in capable countertop microwave will list the 27" and 30" trim kit for that model in the product specifications. The only difference between the 27" and 30" trim kit is the trim frame. If the microwave is installed over a 27" or 30" wall oven, be sure to match the trim kit width to the wall oven.

Please Note: The overall height of a microwave includes the feet. Only the face/front of the microwave (excluding the feet) will be seen through the opening of the trim kit frame. Therefore, the opening of the frame is slightly shorter in height than the overall height of the microwave.