Ice Maker - Features of Nugget Ice Model UNC15NJII

The 15" wide Nugget Ice standalone ice maker can be installed as a freestanding or built-in unit. It can also be installed in indoor or outdoor applications.The ice maker features a hinge stop to keep the door from hitting the adjacent cabinets. If the hinge stop is not used, it needs 8" clearance to the wall.

It has stainless case sides and is panel ready, so custom panels must be installed. This model also offers stainless options as an alternative to custom panels. If custom panels are not being used, purchase the optional Profile Series or Monogram stainless door. The stainless door will replace the panel-ready door when the unit is installed. Order a part online

Stainless Options: (Note: There are no badges on the stainless doors; the only difference is the handles)

  • Stainless door with Profile Series handle: PIP70SS
  • Stainless door with Monogram European handle: ZIP80SS (No Professional handle available)
  • Stainless Door with Cafe Series handle: CIP75SS

The large capacity bin holds 26 lbs of nugget ice, and can produce up to 80 lbs a day. The chewable nugget ice size varies but is approximately 1/4" in diameter. An ice level sensor in the storage bin will monitor the ice levels. As ice is created, it will fall into the storage bin in batches. The ice maker automatically shuts off when the bin is full. The ice maker will restart when more ice is needed. 


The unit will alert you when it is time to clean the product. On the control panel, the Time To Clean light will glow yellow when it is time to clean the maker with a scale remover. The light will come on after 6 months of use and will remain on until the system is cleaned. Consult the Owner's Manual for step-by-step directions. Download a copy of the Owner's Manual 

ImageIce maker cleaner (scale remover) WX08X42872 can be purchased through GE Appliance Parts at 1-877-959-8688 or you can purchase the part online.  Follow the directions in the ice maker Owner's Manual when cleaning the product. Do not follow the instructions on the cleaner bottle.