Wall Ovens - Rack Positions for Multi-Rack Convection Bake

On 30" single and double wall ovens with a ladder rack support system (rack supports on the sides look like a ladder), rack position is important when using the "Multi-Rack Convection Bake" feature.  Ladder racks are found on most GE Profile and GE Cafes Series models. 

There are 6 ladder rack positions, with "1" being the lowest. The Owner's Manual features a Cooking Guide that provides the recommended rack positions for the flat and extension racks. Download a copy of the Owner's Manual

  • The recommended 3-rack positions in the manual work best when 1 extension rack and 2 flat racks are used.
  • If Multi-Rack Convection Baking is selected and 2 extension racks and 1 flat rack are used, we recommend placing the extension racks at positions 1 & 3 and the flat rack at position 5.  This provides even spacing between the racks, which will ensure good baking performance.