Refrigerator - AutoFill Pitcher Filter AFPWF

The Auto Fill Pitcher uses the AFPWF integrated stow-away filter. This filter is designed to be used only for the Auto Fill Pitcher. It will not filter water to an icemaker.



  • Reduces Chlorine, Taste, and Odor
  • NSF Certified
  • 6 month filter life


  • On the underside of the pitcher dispenser housing (inside, top left of fresh food section).


  • This filter should be replaced every six months or if the flow of water decreases.
  • This filter or bypass plug must be in place when using the AutoFill Pitcher.
  • To remove filter or bypass plug, swing the water filter/bypass plug down until it stops (45°) and gently pull it toward you to unseat it from the filter/plug holder. Do not twist the filter.
  • To replace water filter or bypass plug:
    1. Align the filter or plug into the holder. The keys on the sides of the filter or bypass plug will seat into key slots on the inside of the holder.
    2. Push the filter or plug straight into the opening and continue to push as you swing the filter/plug upward until it snaps into place. If the filter/plug will not swing easily, check to ensure it is properly aligned and fully seated into the holder.
    3. After replacing the water filter, run 2 gallons of water (approximately 3 full pitchers) through the AutoFill dispenser (about 5 minutes) to remove air from the system.
    4. After installing a new filter, reset the filter status on the housing by holding the 'Filter Change' button for 3 seconds. The filter indicator light above 'Good' will turn green for 'Water Filter Status'.

View how to replace and install the AFPWF water filter:



A newly installed water filter or bypass plug may cause water to drip from the dispenser. This is normal. It is also normal for water to appear discolored during the initial system flush. The water color will return to normal after the first minutes of dispensing.


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