Smart Ranges and Wall Ovens - Benefits of the SmartHQ App

With Smart ranges and wall ovens, you can monitor and control your appliance on your smart phone by using the SmartHQ™ app (available through the Apple App Store or Google Play).

When the Remote Enable button is engaged, you can use your smart phone for the following:

  • Preheat your oven remotely by turning it on from the SmartHQ app.

  • Get notifications when the oven is preheated, when the Timer finishes, or when the meat probe* reaches temperature.

  • Determine time remaining.

  • Monitor and change the oven temperature.

  • Turn off your oven.

  • Adjust your oven control - Set Clock, Tone Volume, Sabbath Mode, and more.

  • Exclusive meat probe* feature with SmartHQ app - Select meat type and doneness and let the app determine the temperature and cook time.

  • Further expand the capabilities of your product by connecting with our integrations.   

*Meat probe available on select models.


For more information on WiFi models and how they work, visit: Smart Ranges & Wall Ovens

Having smart appliances allows you several new avenues for controlling and monitoring your appliances through strategic partnerships designed to enhance your ownership experience and make life easier. For more information: Smart Appliances - Integrations