Top Load Washer - SmartDispense™ on 2016 and Older Models

2016 and older Top Load washers with SmartDispense™ technology have bulk detergent and liquid fabric softener dispensers. The washer can hold about a two-month supply of HE detergent and liquid fabric softener and automatically dispense the right amount for each load.


To determine the year of manufacture, locate the serial number of your product and refer to this table: How to Determine the Age or Manufacture Date of a GE Appliance


About the Bulk Detergent and Softener Tanks:


  • Each tank holds over a gallon (130 ounces) of liquid detergent and liquid softener.

  • The initial Fill of the bulk tanks each requires at least 50 ounces to prime the system.

  • To use the bulk dispenser: Fill the tank and press the "Detergent Tank On" and/or "Softener Tank On" button. The washer will stay on bulk dispensing for each wash load unless the feature is turned off.

  • The Tank Levels lights (1-5) indicate how much detergent and softener is left. An empty tank is shown by a single red light; 5 lights indicate a full tank.

  • If you press the Start button when the tank is empty, the Detergent Tank On and/or Softener Tank On button and red empty Tank Level light will blink. The machine will not start until you add more detergent or softener to the tank or turn the bulk detergent tank off.



  • To utilize the SmartDispense dispensers, they must first be filled. Although any liquid HE (High Efficiency) laundry detergent and concentrated liquid fabric softener can be used in the SmartDispense system, not all liquid HE detergents and concentrated liquid fabric softeners are the same. You may need to adjust your dispensing preferences (for example, the concentration settings).

  • Single dosages of bleach, pretreatment (such as as OxiClean™ ) or detergent are added through the single-dose dispensers in the front corners. Your option selections will determine when each additive is automatically dispensed at its optimal time in the wash or rinse cycle.


For information on using SmartDispense or setting your dispensing preferences, consult the owner's Manual. Download a copy of the Owner's Manual.