Electric Range & Cooktop - Scratches on Glass Cooktop

Glass cooktops are made of a durable, scratch-resistant ceramic glass material. They are not scratch-proof, so it is important to use the proper cookware and follow proper cleaning procedures.



  • Scratches are not removable, especially deep scratches. Small scratches typically will become less visible after cleaning. Some marks that only look like scratches can be removed altogether by cleaning.

  • Make sure the cooktop surface is always clean. Coarse particles such as salt, ground pepper, rosemary, etcetera, may get trapped between the bottom of pans and the cooktop surface which can cause scratches.

  • For ceramic glass cooktop cleaning instructions, visit: Electric Range & Cooktop - Glass Cooktop Cleaning Instructions.



  • Do not use cookware with a rough bottom surface such as cast iron.

  • The bottoms of the pans should have a smooth, flat surface.

  • Do not slide cookware across the cooktop surface.


For more information about the use and cleaning of your cooktop, consult your Owner's Manual.