Zoneline - Control Locked or Flashing on AZ45 and AZ65 Models

Zoneline room air conditioners are most often used as a commercial unit in motels and hotels for heating and cooling. On Zoneline models starting with AZ45 or AZ65, the control panel can be locked out to prevent guests from changing the operation mode of the unit. When locked out, the control settings and temperature cannot be changed and the temperature display will flash.To lock the control: While the unit is in the desired operating mode PRESS AND HOLD the "DISPLAY SHOW / HIDE" button for 10 seconds to LOCK the control and the desired setting.

  • Any key press after locking the controls will result in the illumination of the "MODE" LED light. The temperature display will also flash.
  • The temperature that was locked-in will FLASH 5 times.
  • The panel will then "go to sleep". Pressing any key
  • The control panel will not respond to any attempt to change the current locked-in operation settings.

To unlock the control: PRESS AND HOLD the "DISPLAY SHOW / HIDE" button for 10 seconds and use the controls as normal.

  • The temperature display will FLASH if the control panel is LOCKED
  • When switching between modes, it may take several minutes to completely change operation.