Portable Air Conditioner - Exhaust Vent Hose

The air conditioning process is basically moving warm humid air outside so the hoses are designed primarily to move heat and humidity from a room. These units are sold with a 5' exhaust vent hose with a 5.9” inch diameter. Larger capacity units, like the 14,000 BTU style, require two SxS hoses in order to fit a standard double-hung window application. It is normal for the hose to be warm/hot during operation.
Operating the unit without an exhaust vent will not allow heat and humidity to be removed from the room. The unit will not function properly without an exhaust vent. Additionally the unit must be vented outdoors, not into an attic or other indoor space.
  • It is acceptable to leave window screen in place.

Exhaust Hose Size and Length

  • Extending the hose(s) is not recommended as this would reduce the efficiency of the unit.
  • Venting upward through a ceiling or a roof is also not recommended. The vent can be a dryer vent or similar, as long as the opening has a 5” diameter.
  • We do not recommend bending the exhaust hose more than a 45 degree angle or extending the exhaust hose longer than its intended use. Bends beyond 45 degrees may restrict the air flow which will cause back pressure and cause the output air to be warm. The unit works most efficient when the exhaust hose is as straight and as short as possible.

Exhaust Hose Installation

The exhaust hose(s) simply snaps in place.
  • It is best to allow the plastic hose to sit in the sun for a few minutes to allow to be more pliable.
  • In general try to avoid having the compressed hose weight hang on the window connection rather have any excess hose weight closer to the unit.

Exhaust Hose Use in Heat Mode

  • In Heat Mode, the heat pump exhausts cold air, so the unit must be exhausted outside.
  • On dual-hose models, there is an intake and exhaust duct. In Heat Mode, only use the exhaust/discharge hose and disconnect the intake air hose.

Exhaust Hose Use in Dehumidification (Dehumidify) Mode

  • The unit operates in normal mode with the exception that the indoor fan does not operate. The cold coils inside the unit will attract moisture.
  • The exhaust hose must be used.

Exhaust Hose Use in Fan Mode

  • The exhaust hose is not used. The fan recirculates the inside air.