Opal Ice Maker - Normal Sounds

The Opal Ice Maker is a complex device that combines electrical and mechanical components such as a compressor, pump, motors and fans to deliver perfect nugget ice. These components power on at different times during the ice making cycle. There will be some noise associated with the running of these components. These normal noises typically cease after 10 to 45 minutes within the ice making cycle. Hard surfaces like the floor, walls and countertops can amplify these sounds.

Sounds or Noises That Are Normal and What May Be Creating Them

  • WHIR - When Opal is first turned on, you may notice the condenser fan spinning.
  • BUZZ - When the water pump first turns on, it may be dry and slightly noisy. Once it is filled with water the noise reduces significantly.
  • RATTLE - A rattling noise may be produced from the flow of the refrigerant. This noise should reduce significantly once the refrigerant system has stabilized.
  • GURGLE - When the refrigerant system shuts off, there may be a brief gurgle as the refrigerant stops flowing.
  • HUM - The compressor is a motor. It produces a low tone humming sound while it is running.
  • CHUGGING - When the Ice Maker first starts up, the gear motor can make a chugging noise. This noise should be considerably reduced after 15 to 20 minutes, once the Opal starts making ice.
  • CLICK - As nugget ice is produced it drops into the ice drawer. The first nuggets produced make the loudest sound as they fall directly onto the bottom of the ice bin. As the bin fills, this noise reduces significantly.
  • SQUEAK - When Opal is in need of defrosting, it may start to squeak as ice starts to build up around the mechanisms. The defrost cycle is automatic and may take 10 to 45 minutes.
  • PUMPING WATER - At the start of ice making, Opal will flush the system with water for approximately 5 minutes. You may see or hear water running during this process. This is normal. If your Opal seems loud during this process, it may need more water.

Sound or Noise That Is Not Normal

  • If the Ice Maker is making a continuous grinding noise, this is not normal. If it is doing this, please contact Opal Support at myopalservice.com or call 866-907-6718, Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM, EST.

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