The Google Assistant Benefits for WiFi Connect Appliances

Your WiFi Connect Appliances works with the Google Assistant* to take GE, Cafe, and Monogram's suite of WiFi Connect Appliances to the next level with hands-free voice controls.

You must have one or more GE Appliances or Monogram WiFi Connect products connected to your home WiFi network. For more information, visit: WiFi Connected Appliances. To confirm your appliance has WiFi Connect Capability, visit: Does My Appliance Have WiFi Connect Capability?

For more information on the Google Assistant, visit: Get Started with the Google Assistant

Interact with your Connected appliances using one of the following Actions (depending on your appliance):

  • Geneva Home, GE Appliance's Conversational Action: Initiate Geneva Home by saying "Ok Google, ask Geneva Home..." and then state your request.
  • U+ Connect, GE Appliance's Direct Action: Start by saying "Ok Google,..." and state your request.

For assistance with set-up, visit:

Here are some of the ways your Google Assistant and Geneva Home or U+ Connect can work together to bring voice control to your GE WiFi Connect appliances.


Ok Google, ask Geneva Home...
  • to make hot water.
  • to turn on TurboCool.
  • to turn TurboFreeze on/off.
  • to make hot water in 10 minutes.
  • to turn on/off Sabbath mode.
  • to set the fresh food to 38 degrees.
  • to set the freezer to -3 degrees.
  • to check the status of my water filter.
  • to turn the icemaker on/off.
  • if my icemaker is full?
  • if my doors are open?

Ok Google,...
  • is the coffee maker on/off?
  • turn on the coffee maker.
  • what is the temperature set on the coffee maker?
  • set the coffee maker to 120 degrees.

Wall Oven or Range

Ok Google, ask Geneva Home...
  • to preheat the upper/lower oven to 350.
  • to change the temperature to 300.
  • to set cook timer for 20 minutes.
  • to turn off the oven.
  • to cancel baking.
  • to set oven to convection roast/bake.
  • to turn the warming drawer to low/medium/high/off.
  • to set a timer for 10 minutes.
  • to preheat my oven for turkey. 
  • what is the oven status?
  • how much time is left on my oven timer?

Ok Google,...
  • start/stop the upper/lower oven.
  • preheat the upper/lower oven to 350 degrees.
  • turn on the upper/lower oven.
  • what's the upper/lower oven set to?
  • set the mode of the upper/lower oven to convection bake.
  • turn up/down the temperature of the upper/lower oven.
  • raise/lower the temperature of upper/lower oven a little.
  • raise/lower the temperature of the upper/lower oven a lot higher.
  • raise/lower the upper/lower oven by 25 degrees.

Vent Hood

Ok Google,...
  • turn the hood fan on/off.
  • turn the hood light on/off.
  • set the hood fan speed to high/low/medium/boost.
  • set the hood light level to dim/high


Ok Google, talk to Geneva Home...
  • and tell her I added 1 pod to the dishwasher.

Ok Google, ask Geneva Home...
  • when the dishwasher will be finished?
  • do I need rinse aid?
  • how many detergent pods do I have left?
  • what is the dishwasher status?
Ok Google,..
  • what cycle is the dishwasher running?
  • How much time is left on the dishwasher cycle?
  • Are the dishes clean?
  • What is the dishwasher doing?


Ok Google, ask Geneva Home...
  • if my laundry is clean.
  • to turn on my washer.**
  • to stop my washer.**

Ok Google,...
  • start/stop washer.**
  • turn on/off washer.**
  • is the washer on?
  • what cycle is the washer in?
  • how much time is left on the washer?
  • is the laundry clean?

** Only on selected models with Remote Control. Washer and Dryer - WiFi Connect Remote Control


Ok Google, ask Geneva Home...
  • if my laundry is dry.
  • to keep tumbling.
  • to turn on/off my dryer.**
  • to stop my dryer.**

Ok Google,...
  • dry my clothes.**
  • start/stop drying my clothes.**
  • is the dryer running?
  • what cycle is the dryer in?
  • how much time is left on the dryer?
  • are the clothes dry?
  • turn on/off extended tumble on the dryer.
  • is dryer extended tumble on?

** Only on selected models with Remote Control. Washer and Dryer - WiFi Connect Remote Control

Room Air Conditioner - Window, Ductless, and Portable

Ok Google, ask Geneva Home...
  • to turn on the air conditioner.  
  • to turn the air conditioner to 72.
  • to set the fan to high.
  • to set my air conditioner to energy saver.
  • for air conditioner status.

Ok Google,...
  • is the air conditioner on/off?
  • turn on/off the air conditioner.
  • what is the temperature set on air conditioner?
  • set the air conditioner to heat/cool/energy saver?
  • turn up/down the temperature of air conditioner.
  • what is the temperature inside?
  • set the air conditioner fan speed to low/medium/high/auto


Ok Google,...
  • start/stop the microwave
  • pause/resume the microwave
  • run/set the microwave for 1 minute 30 seconds
  • add one minute to the microwave timer
  • how much time is left on the microwave timer


The Google Assistant will not notify you that something has completed unless you first ask Geneva Home or Google for the status. For automatic notifications, you can choose for notifications to appear on your mobile device through the GE Appliances apps.

For more information, visit: GE Appliances WiFi Connect Voice-Activation

*Google is a trademark of Google LLC.