Side-by-Side Refrigerator - Handle Tighten, Remove and Replace

If your Side-by-Side refrigerator handle is loose, making noise or even falls off after use, it may not have been installed properly by the owner or installer. Some handles are not factory-installed. The handles are installed by the owner or installer as directed in the Installation Instructions. Download a copy of the Installation Instructions


Stainless Handles:

  • Push the handle so it is flush with the door face. Most handles require a 3/32" or 1/8" allen wrench to tighten.

  • For instructions on replacing the handle:


Note: The video features a French-Door refrigerator; however, the handle installation is similar to the Side-by-Side refrigerator handles.

Plastic or Painted (Colored) Handles:


Handles with an end Cap (over each end of the handle):

  • Carefully pop off the cap. Use a small, thin screwdriver at the side edge of the cap.

  • Tighten the bolt under the cap.

  • Snap the cap in place.

Handles with a Locking Tab:

  1. Take off the handle. To remove:

    1. Locate the locking tab under the handle at the upper handle base.

    2. Press the locking tab down and pull the handle up and away from the door.

  2. Use a 3/16-inch Allen wrench (WX05X10316) to tighten the mounting stud. Turn clockwise to tighten.

  3. Replace the handle.

For instructions on replacing the handle: