Top Load Washer - Water Station Feature

The Water Station feature available on select Top Load washer models is for soaking or pretreating garments. When selected, the washer will supply either fresh water or water mixed with detergent from your SmartDispense™ system for garment prewashing or pretreating stains. The Water Station feature is not an actual wash cycle; it is for pretreating or soaking only.


Pretreating: Use the Water Station to wet the clothes with water or soapy water before turning the dial to the appropriate wash cycle. When the dial is turned to a wash cycle, the prewash water in the wash tub will be drained from the machine before the selected wash cycle begins.


Soaking: Use the Water Station to fill the washer to allow the clothes to soak in water or soapy water for up to 24 hours with the lid closed. The unit will drain after you press Start for 3 seconds, after 15 minutes with the lid open or automatically after 24 hours.


Filling and Draining: To fill the lid must be up. If the lid is closed before the maximum level in the tub is reached, additional water can be dispensed by simply opening the lid again. Once the lid is closed, the water will remain in the tub until the cycle selection knob is rotated to an actual wash cycle, the Start button is held in for 3 seconds or after 24 hours. If the lid is not closed, the water or soapy water in the tub will automatically be drained after 15 minutes.


To Use the Water Station:

  1. Open the lid and add the items to be pretreated. Do NOT close the lid.

  2. Rotate the cycle selection knob to Water Station.

  3. Push the Select button until the LED below either Water (water only) or Detergent + Water (soapy water) is illuminated.

  4. Select the desired water temperature using the Temp button.

  5. Press the Start button to initiate the feature.

  6. Once the water has stopped filling, close the lid. If the lid is not closed, the water in the tub will drain automatically after 15 minutes.

  7. Determine how long you want to let the clothes pretreat/soak. If the cycle selection knob is not rotated to an actual wash cycle or the Start button is not held in for 3 seconds, the water in the tub will automatically be drained after 24 hours.


This feature can be applied to most wash cycles as described in the wash cycle guide in the Owner's Manual for the specific washer model you own.