Ventless Condenser Dryer - How It Works

Ventless condenser dryers use a dual loop airflow system. The first loop draws in a small amount of ambient air which passes through the condenser for initial heating. The heated air is then pushed into the drum, where it heats up the wet laundry and causes water to evaporate. This air is then looped back into the condenser where it's cooled down - that's the second loop. The air that's already inside the condenser is reheated and sent back into the drum to repeat the process until the clothes are dry. The water that is extracted goes to a tank or an external drain. See Ventless Condenser Dryer - How it Drains.

Here are the steps in the drying process:

  1. Ambient (cool) air enters dryer.
  2. Ambient air enters heat exchanger (condenser) and is heated.
  3. Ambient air (warm and dry) exits heat exchanger.
  4. Process (heated) air enters drum to absorb moisture and dry load.
  5. Process air (wet) enters heat exchanger, is cooled releasing moisture.
  6. Process air (dry) exits heat exchanger.
  7. Process air enters heater and is heated up.

Ventless condenser dryers allow for:

  • Flexible installation without venting externally (closet, undercounter or stacked in a corner)
  • Lower dry temperatures
  • Less make-up air required

Note: Dry times can be 2-3 times longer than vented dryers.  It does not emit any hot air into the room.