Top Load Washer - Cleaning the Tub

It is possible for odor, soil or detergent build up to occur inside the washer tub over time. Using the proper detergent and appropriate amount of detergent can help prevent build up. At GE Appliances, we recommend cleaning the washer tub once per month to keep the wash basket fresh and clean. This will also help with mold or mildew odors.


For models with a Basket Clean cycle:

  1. Remove any garments or objects from the washer and ensure the washer basket is empty.

  2. Open the washer lid and pour one cup or 250 ml of liquid bleach, vinegar or a washing machine cleaner into the basket.

  3. Close the lid and select the Basket Clean cycle. Push the Start button.

  4. When the Basket Clean cycle is working, the display will show the estimated cycle time remaining. Do not interrupt the cycle.


Basket Clean may be interrupted by pressing the Start button in between cycles. A power outage in the house might also interrupt the cycle. When the power supply is back, the Basket Clean cycle resumes where it had stopped. If the cycle is interrupted, be sure to run a complete Basket Clean cycle before using the washer. If the Power button is pressed during Basket Clean, the cycle will be lost (canceled).



  • Run Basket Clean with 1 Cup (250 ml) of bleach once a month.

  • After the completion of a Basket Clean cycle, the interior of your washer may have a bleach smell.


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