GE Appliances Connected Home Security Researchers Credit Page

Version Update: 19 January 2018

GE Appliances is vigilant about securing your connected appliance. 

At GE Appliances, we are committed to answering your questions or any concerns you may have. If you have a security concern or believe you have found a security vulnerability with a GE Appliances product, please contact the GE Appliances Product Security Incident Response Team (GEA-PSIRT) at [email protected]  

GEA-PSIRT supports PGP encryption using the GE Appliances Connected Home PGP Key to encrypt your email. 

In your email, please include the following information:

  • GE Appliances Product Name(s), Model(s), and Serial Number(s)

  • Description of the concern or vulnerability

  • Information to help GEA-PSIRT replicate the issue such as configuration details, a proof-of-concept, or exploit code

  • Whether or not you would like to be contacted in case more information is needed, and

  • Whether or not you would like to be acknowledged in helping GE Appliances to improve our products. Should you choose to remain anonymous, GEA-PSIRT will not publicly disclose your identity. At GE Appliances, maintaining your privacy is important and we will not publicly disclose your identity unless you inform us otherwise.  

GEA-PSIRT will respond if further information is needed to investigate a security issue. Please note, GE Appliances does not disclose, discuss, or confirm any security issue until a full investigation is complete and any necessary press releases, security patches, and releases are available. 


GE Appliances acknowledges security researchers who have selected not to opt-out and who have reported security issues on GE Appliances products through contacting GEA-PSIRT on this Credit Page.