Water Softener - Recharging Too Often

Most water softeners recharge (regenerate) based on need, rather than on a set schedule. The frequency of how often the water softener will recharge depends on factors like water hardness level and household water usage.

Water Softener - How it WorksYou set your water hardness level in the softener so it knows how much hard water minerals it has removed before needing to recharge  to clean the resin beads holding the minerals. The water softener has a reserve capacity of 20 to 25% before it regenerates; this means that it regenerates when the resin beads are 75 to 80% saturated.If it is regenerating often, it is possible you have the water hardness level set too high. This would mean it is recharging more often than it might need to. Check with your water company to determine your water hardness level and then consult the Programming Your Softener page of your Owner's Manual to set the correct water hardness level. Download a copy of the Owner's ManualOther ways to save water would be to adjust the Pre-Rinse and Salt Saver settings if your softener has these settings listed in the Programming section of the Owner's Manual.