Upright Freezer - Freezer Alarm / Alarm Reset Pad

Many upright freezers have a high temperature alarm that signals when the freezer temperature is above 20 degrees F. For upright freezers with a control panel on the front of the door, if the temperature is too warm you will see High Temp on the display and hear an alarm.


To silence the alarm:

  • Press the Alarm Reset pad on the control panel. The High Temp will continue to be displayed on the control panel until the set temperature has been restored. The alarm will sound again if the temperature is not restored and remains high after six hours.

On these models, the alarm can also signal when the door is left open. Door Open will show on the display if this happens. If your door has been left open for more than 2 minutes, the control panel will display Door Open and will sound an alarm until the door is closed or Door Open is pressed on the control panel. If Door Open has been pressed but the door has not been closed, Door Open will continue to be displayed on the control panel until the door has been closed. If you pressed Door Open and the door is still open 10 minutes later, the Door Open alarm will sound again.


If you press the Alarm Reset pad and the alarm will not be silenced:

  • First, make sure the door is closed and check to see if your food is frozen.

  • Next, try unplugging the unit for 30 seconds to reset it.

  • If this does not help, we recommend service.


For service, please schedule an appointment with GE Appliances Factory Service.