Electric Range - Surface Seems Too Hot on Radiant Cooktop Models

To minimize the possibility of electric shock, unplug this appliance from the power supply before attempting any maintenance or cleaning.


If it seems like the surface of your electric range with a radiant, ceramic glass cooktop is too hot, we do have some suggestions to offer for this situation. Please check the tips below if the range surface seems too hot.


Make sure the oven vent is not blocked or covered.

  • Freestanding Ranges - The vent is located under the control panel on the backsplash. Make sure no pots, tea kettles, etcetera, are blocking the vent.

  • Slide-In Ranges - On models with a vent strip at the back of the cooktop, the oven vents from the left or right side of the vent strip. Make sure no pots or other items are blocking the vent.

  • Slide-In Ranges - Models without a vent strip along the back of the cooktop vent out of the top of the door. This can make the front of the cooktop warm.


On ranges with Calrod coil burners on the cooking surface, please check out the article Electric Range - Surface Seems Too Hot on Coil Burner Models.


Check the pan size.

  • Oversized pans will trap heat between the bottom of the pan and the cooktop. This will transfer a lot of heat to the cooktop.

  • Your pans should not hang over more than one inch on each side of any surface burner. For example, on an 8" burner the maximum pan size should not exceed 10". On 6" burners, the pans should not be larger than 8".


These tips will help with the proper use of the cooking surface.