GE Appliance - Service Tracker - Check Appointment Status

Keep informed about your service appointment using our Service Tracker website:


This is How the Service Tracker Works:

When scheduling your service call, you can opt to receive email or text notifications regarding your appointment. The notifications will provide the Service Tracker link so that you can access details such as the call status, the first name of the tech assigned to the call and a map that will allow you to track the technician once they are on the way to your home.


The Service Tracker provides the following statuses:


  • Scheduled – The service call has been scheduled for a 4-hour or all-day span.

  • Assigned – The service appointment has been assigned to a technician. The Service Tracker will display the technician's first name and a 2-hour ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) window.

  • En Route – The technician is on their way to your appointment. A map will appear which allows you to track the technician's progress. Note: The map does not update automatically, so there will be a 5-minute difference between the technician's actual location and what is displayed on the map.

  • Onsite – The technician has arrived. A time stamp of the arrival time and the map showing the service van "onsite" is displayed.

  • Completed – The technician has provided your service invoice.

  • Return Visit Scheduled – The technician has scheduled a follow-up appointment.