Front Load Washers - Add a Garment

Some Front Load Washers offer an Add a Garment feature. The LED light for this feature lets you know when to add and when not to add additional clothes to the cycle.

When the LED indicator light in the center of the Add a Garment button is on, there is still enough time left in the wash cycle to clean what is being added. The Add a Garment button can be pressed and the washer will pause and unlock, allowing additional clothes to be added.  After adding the clothes, press the Start/Pause button and the washer will pick up where it left off in the wash cycle. When there is about 5 minutes left of agitation in the wash portion of the cycle, the LED light turns off, indicating it's too late in the cycle to ensure that added clothes will get completely clean.

There is no difference between utilizing the “Start/Pause” and “Add a Garment” buttons. The “Add a Garment” button simply makes it easy to know when it is best to add.