Zoneline Air Conditioners - Cleaning Filter

To properly clean & maintain the filter on a GE Zoneline packaged terminal air conditioner or heat pump:

  • Filters should be checked weekly and cleaned monthly. Cleaning may be required more often if new carpet has been installed or the property is new.
  • Dirty filters may decrease operating efficiency by as much as 20%. When filters are clogged air will try to bypass the filters at every opening. This lint/debris will attach itself to the indoor coil and restrict airflow. If this material becomes hard, it becomes difficult to remove and professional cleaning may be required.
  • A good procedure is to have an extra supply of replacement filters and use them to replace the dirty filters on a routine basis. The dirty filters could be cleaned and used for the next scheduled change out. If 25% of the rooms were done weekly, the entire facility could be completed monthly.
For additional information, see:  General Maintenance and Cleaning for Zoneline PTAC