Zoneline Air Conditioners - Cleaning Outdoor Coil

To properly clean & maintain the outdoor coil on a GE Zoneline packaged terminal air conditioner or heat pump:

  • Always disconnect power before cleaning.
  • Outdoor coils should be checked regularly for build-up of dirt/debris. The dirt/debris will be on the inside of the coil because of the airflow direction. If the Zoneline is exposed to construction sites, flowering trees/shrubs, or other local pollutants, the units should be checked and cleaned more frequently to avoid premature compressor failure. Sealed system warranty could be affected if outdoor coils are blocked due to dirt/debris. Lower floors tend to get dirty more quickly than upper floors and should be monitored accordingly.
  • Outdoor coils may be cleaned with a mild coil cleaner or materials such as oxygenated cleaners or Simple Green. Avoid Hydroxide or Acid based cleaners. Since the debris may be hard due to the elevated coil temperatures and constant airflow, it may take more than one application to soften and remove the dirt.
  • The PTAC should be taken to an area where water spray will not cause a problem. The cleaner may be sprayed on the coil and allowed to set for a few minutes and rinsed off with a low-pressure water hose. Repeat as necessary. High-pressure spray equipment or steam cleaners should not be used because they are difficult to control and may damage electrical components, aluminum fins, and gasket materials. Controls should be covered to prevent water damage. Allow unit to dry thoroughly before reinstalling.
For additional information, see:  General Maintenance and Cleaning for Zoneline PTAC