Kitchen Hub - Camera App

With the Kitchen Hub, you have a front facing camera to take photos or video chat with your family and friends. You also have an "overhead" camera underneath the Kitchen Hub so that you can take pictures of what you've cooked or a video of your cooking skills.



About the cameras:

  • There are 32 GB of storage space on the Hub. The amount of photos and videos that can be stored can vary.

  • For video, the length of the video that can be recorded depends on the settings of the Camera app and how many other apps have been loaded to the Hub. You'll find that you typically have many hours of continuous video recording space on the Kitchen Hub.

  • Resolution of the forward facing camera and the downward facing "overhead" camera:

    • Forward facing camera: Resolution- 2.1 MP; Video resolution- 1080P; FOV- 120 degrees

    • Downward facing camera: Resolution- 8 MP; Video resolution- 1080P; FOV- 105 degrees


To switch between the cameras:

  1. In the Camera app, click on the icon with the 3 vertical dots in the top right.

  2. To toggle between the front facing and overhead camera, click on the first icon at the top to switch between the two cameras.


Sharing photos:

  • The best way to move photos on and off the Hub is by using a photo sharing app, like Google Photos.

  • The Hub also can run email, so you can also email photos to your family and friends.