Kitchen Hub - U+ Connect App

The Kitchen Hub lets you manage your smart home from the busiest room in your house - the kitchen, thanks to U+Connect. Brew your coffee, adjust your lighting and check your calendar from one system. 
To connect your smart appliances:
To connect your smart appliances, download one of the GE Appliances Kitchen, Laundry, or Comfort mobile apps for your appliance and follow the set-up instructions in the app to connect your appliances.  For more information about Connecting your smart appliance: WiFi Connect Appliances
Add your appliance widgets:
  1. Once you have set-up your appliances with the GE Appliances apps, launch the U+ Connect app from the Kitchen Hub.
  2. Tap the "+ " sign at the bottom and select GE Appliances
  3. Log into the same email account that you used with the GE Appliances mobile app.
  4. After you signed in and authorized the U+ Connect App, you will be able to use Select your GE Appliance Products and add the widgets for each appliance.