Kitchen Hub - Air Curtain Screen Protection

Your Kitchen Hub is equipped with a screen protection system. Since the Kitchen Hub is installed above a cooking appliance that generates heat, steam, and grease, a Screen Moisture Protection System (Air Curtain) protects the screen by expelling small amounts of air around and below the screen to keep the touchscreen area dry and clean.


Highlights of the Air Curtain:

  • Airflow running down the front of the screen pushes the grease and steam away from the unit, while light air flows from the front, at the bottom. 
  • Reduces grease and moisture from condensing on the screen.
  • The system is on while the screen is in awake mode, and is off when the screen is in screensaver mode or is turned off. 
Protection from Moisture
  • Operating the cooktop while screen protection system is off may result in condensation on the touchscreen. We recommend that you activate the screen during cooking to prevent this from happening.
  • If condensation build up continues while protection system is active, turn the ventilation fan “ON” to provide additional protection.