Ventless Condenser Dryer - How to Maintain Optimum Performance

A Ventless Condenser Dryer does not rely on a vent system to remove the moisture from the dryer. Instead, the dryer condenses moisture into water using a dual airflow system then pumps it into the house standpipe or into a closed system reservoir that can be emptied. Condenser dryers are just as effective at drying clothes as vented models; however, because of the nature of this type of dryer, it will take longer to dry than a vented dryer. No hot air will be emitted into the room.


Keep your condenser dryer operating at optimal performance:



  • Keep the lint trap clean. Be sure to empty the lint trap before or after every use.

  • The sensor bars and condenser should be cleaned once a month.

    • Sensor bars: Located on the inside of the dryer opening. Simply wipe with a damp cloth.

    • Condenser:

      1. Open the condenser compartment door.

      2. Unlock the two blue locking tabs, then pull the condenser out of the dryer.

      3. Gently clean the condenser by allowing tap water to flow through it.

      4. Reinstall the condenser.

      5. Lock the blue tabs and close the door.



  • Always sort and dry similar items together. Separate heavy and light fabrics.

  • Do not under-load the dryer. Put in at least five items or more, but also be careful not to overload the dryer.



  • Condenser dryers work better with access to dry ambient air. If your condenser dryer is installed in a closet, make sure the doors are open during use to increase air flow. If the door must remain closed when drying, the door must have louvers and have at least 60 square inches of open area to permit sufficient air flow. Correct closet installation ensures optimal air circulation and performance for your condenser dryer.


Please consult your Owner's Manual for more detailed guidance. Download a copy of your Owner's Manual.