Front Load Washers - 1-Step Wash & Dry Cycle

1-Step Wash & Dry Cycle (GFW850 model only) does it all for small loads. Use when clothes need to be washed, dried and ready to wear or finished the next morning. It differs from most combi units by drawing fresh air in to circulate and collect moisture before exiting. This feature will tumble clothes and introduce a constant stream of air into the washer compartment upon completion of select wash cycles.
  • Inside the machine is an extra hose w/ fan assembly to blow air out of the machine; draws air through fresh vent.
  • Although the drying portion is set to 8 hours, the clothes can be removed at any time by pressing Pause or Power to cancel the cycle.
    • Remove and hang it up for short time to remove rest of moisture remnants.
  • Visible option to start the UltraFresh Vent System with OdorBlock feature to dry out the washer.
  • Intended for small loads only. Does not work for large loads.
For more information on this 1-Step Wash & Dry cycle, check out this video: